Over 5,000 businesses empowered through Lagos Digital Summit – Islimfit

Adewale Adetona, better known as Islimfit, the brain behind the Lagos Digital Summit (LDS), has disclosed that the initiative has empowered more than 5,000 businesses and individuals with different digital skills since inception.

Islimfit, who reflected on the impact of the life-changing digital platform for start-ups and young entrepreneurs in Nigeria, lauded the success made so far, stating that the idea when the LDS was conceived in 2017 was to gather between 50 and 60 digital marketing professionals.

The LDS is a free platform targeted at brand and communication managers, techpreneurs, digital media strategists, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners/managers, start-ups, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), corporate bodies, tech compliant, and adaptive firms.

The programme draws at least 1,000 participants yearly, with its podium graced by speakers who are leading lights in their respective industries.

“Lagos Digital Summit started in 2017 with just an idea in my small shared apartment back then in Lagos with my friend who is now in Canada. The goal back then was simply to facilitate a platform for the convergence of 50 to 60 digital marketing professionals and business thought leaders for the advancement of SMEs and Digital Media enthusiasts within our network,” Islimfit  said.

Continuing, Islimfit said: “Five years down the line, despite being faced with plenty of challenges, it’s been a big success story. We have had the privilege of empowering over 5,000 businesses and individuals with diverse digital marketing skills”.

According to Islimfit, the purpose of LDS was established to “harness the constant innovations in a fast-paced digital world for the advancement of the society and enrichment of its burgeoning population, especially the millennials, borne out of the need for a platform to facilitate the convergence of great minds and coalescence of ground-breaking ideas that will shape the nation’s digital landscape through engaging discourse and empowerment.”

In the bid to ensure inclusiveness, Islimfit also created a vlog, an offline equivalent of the LDS, for the benefit of those unable to attend the event.

“My desire to make an impact and contribute to the growth of upcoming tech professionals birthed the YouTube Channel. Also, I wanted to replicate what I do offline with Lagos Digital Summit in an online manner,” Islimfit said in a recent question and answer interactive session.


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