The various sections of the Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria (Establishment) Act, no. 3 of 2018 cited below, statutorily entitles members to the following benefits:

  1. Every CIPMN registered member who is a FELLOW & CHARTERED member has the opportunity of becoming a member of the Governing Council of the Institute –Section 2
  2. Every CIPMN registered member in the category of CHARTERED or FELLOW MEMBERSHIP has the opportunity of aspiring to be elected as the President or Vice Presidents of the Institute –Section 4.
  3. At the completion of CIPMN'S final professional examination all eligible students shall proceed for the National Youth Service (NYSC) - Section 5 (10).
  4. All holders of the CIPMN PROFESSIONAL & TRAINING Certificates shall be entitled to Employment in private and public service at the same rank applicable to members of other chartered professional bodies in Nigeria - Section 5 (11a)
  5. After three years of graduation, holders of CIPMN professional certificate, who might have attended CIPMN’s two consecutive Mandatory Professional Assessment Courses (MPAC) are eligible to obtain a license to practice (LTP) as a CertifiedChartered Project Manager in Nigeria …. Section 5 (11b)
  6. Only CIPMN registered members are empowered by the Establishment Act to be appointed or engaged to head any project management organization/department in Nigeria –Section 14(a)
  7. Project managers who are not registered by CIPMN are illegal practitioner. Such persons are committing offenses punishable by both fine & imprisonmentSection 19(2),(4c).
  8. All registered members of CIPMN, are by the Establishment Act, entitled to benefit from:

- the Institute's Mandatory Continuous Learning Program (MCLP), designed to build project Managers’ capacity through continuous training & retraining using the CIPMN’s DUCAP framework/methodology deliberately developed in line with global best practices for project delivery in Nigeria and other Countries with similar project delivery environments:

- The certificates obtained by participating in our capacity-building programmes, from both NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL training, seminars or workshops entitles holders to secure jobs or gain promotion on your job/employment both in Nigeria and overseas- -Section 21(1a)

  1. All certified members of CIPMN are granted and given a license to practice as a Project Manager anywhere in Nigeria. Non-registered members are quacks, & are prohibited from practicing as Project Manager in Nigeria –Section 21(Id).
  2. Keep ownership of your intellectual property when you contribute an article, make presentation, or offer other intellectual property, in CIPMN programmes & events.


  1. CIPMN registered members pay discounted rates for certifications, publications, training, workshops, seminars, events & learning materials.


  1. Access, interact & share ideas with our Members who are like-minded practitioners around the World on both our online platforms & offline forums.


  1. Most membership types may serve in a variety of elected and appointed positions, gaining competence as well as serving fellow members.