STAGE 1: CLP 001-Contract Law & Procurement

– Bid Documents

– Bidding strategy and evaluation system

– The Basic Elements of a contract

– review – Types of Contracts and the distribution of Risk – Sample contracts in Projects

– Bonding and Insurance

– Analysis of Bids and Award of Contracts

– Tendering and Contract Execution

– Common Law Benchmarks regarding Contracts

– Court Decisions Regarding Tendering Practices

– Relationship between bidding

– Tender and procurement

– Cost and performance accounting

– Types of estimation, Tender estimation

– Model contract agreement form for PMCO

– Dispute prevention and resolution methods

– Supplier selection and procurement management

– Evaluation of non-priced features in building contracts

– Turnkey contract management

– Contract management for lump sum contract

– Contract administration, Model agreement for cost plus contract

– Preventive vigilance in construction projects

– self-financing contract

– defects and disputes in construction contracts

– B.O.T. contracts