Pursuant to the provisions of the Establishment Act, our statutory mandates among other things include to:


  1. License all Project Management practitioners in Nigeria – section 21 (1d);


  1. Supervise, Regulate and Train Project Management Practitioners in Nigeria – section 21 (1b);


  1. Restrict the right of practice of those with a FOREIGN qualification that does not meet the qualification required for the granting of practicing license as a professional – section 21 (1f);


  1. Prohibit non–registered project managers from engaging or practicing Project Management in Nigeria – Section 19(2);


  1. Prohibit non-registered members of CIPMN from being entitled to be appointed or engaged to head any project management of any organization (both in the private and public sectors) In Nigeria – section 14(9);


  1. Accredit any Institutions of higher learning offering courses in Project Management leading to the award of Degree, Higher National Diploma, etc in Nigeria – section 16(2);


vii. Within 12 months after the commencement of the Act, REGISTER all project management professionals from abroad, who resides in Nigeria and wish to practice project management in Nigeria – section 14(8);


Viii. Restrict the right of practice of defaulting members – section 21 (1e);


  1. Mobilize students who graduate from Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria, after their final professional qualifying examination for NYSC….. section 5(10).