STAGE 2: PTE 002-Project Tendering & Cost Estimation


– Contractor procedure prior to tender submission

– Introduction to principal elements of construction contracts

– Types of contracts requiring tenders

– Tender documents and their relevance in estimating

– Tendering procedures

– Factors affecting cost

– Cost parameters and sources of cost information.

– Constituents of a rate; the all-in rates for labour and plant; all-in rate analysis and synthesis.

– Build-up rates for items of excavation & earthworks. Analysis and synthesis of all-in rates for estimating cost of building work in the following areas; concrete work; brick and block works; roofing; metal work, finishes(wall, floor & ceiling), painting & decoration, glazing.

– Drainage, rubble walling and cladding; underpinning.

– Analysis and synthesis of rates in the following areas; plumbing installation

-sanitary appliances fitting, pipe work and associated builders’ works; electrical and mechanical services

– Pricing of items in the preliminary section of bill of quantities. Pro-rats rates. Estimating for civil engineering works.