The Chartered Institute of Project Managers of Nigeria has been able to create project management awareness in the six geo-political zones by conducting conferences and inducting new members in the following states-
North-Central-Makurdi , North-West-Kaduna, North-East-Jalingo , South-East-Owerri , South-West-Ikeja , South-South-Uyo

In addition to CIPMN Chartered Act, the Institute also proposes to the National Assembly, a National Project Management (NPM) Act, which the scope of the NPM Act among others, shall be focused on the Integration of Project Management systems and rules in private and public sectors developmental project utility.
While creating awareness in the six geo-polital zones , the CIPMN team conducted extensive field research and reviewed existing practice schemes in order to formulate a comprehensive plan for government to create a policy, legal and Institutional framework for project management practice in Nigeria, with the objective of having services performed by private , public enterprises, person, communities and governments, will now be performed by the project management professionals, thereby relieving government of the cost associated with owning or possessing abandoned/failed .
The Chartered Institute of Project Management of Nigeria has proposed to the seven hundred and seventy four (774) local government area councils for Partnership, training and registering of their personnel for regulating and development of Project management units (PMU) in their Area Councils and this will also extend to States, Federal government ministries, and agencies.


It has been observed that lack of funds to execute CIPMN Communication plan to create adequate public awareness programmes eg newspaper advert, documentary, radio and television to reach out to our target agencies, ministries and the communities.


The Institute has mapped out ways of moving forward through engaging proper programmes.
With the above achievements within this period, now that the Institute is Chartered by an Act of Parliament, we believe that the infrastructural development through proper project management will drastically have a positive change.