Project Planning Techniques:

– Bar/Gantt chart in general and its importance.

– Network scheduling techniques

– Critical Path Method (CPM),

– Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT),

– Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT), etc.

– Network presentation- Precedence diagram, Activity-On Node (A on N),

– Activity-On-Arc (A on A). – Critical Path computation,

– The floats/slacks. – PERT calculation using probability models to find mean and the standard deviation.

– Line of Balance- Basic representation, Line of balance calculations.

– Resources Management, Resource Driven Scheduling, Resource loading and aggregation, Resource Leveling (Smoothing),

– Method of moments for resource smoothing, Heuristic procedure for resource smoothing.

– Limited Resource scheduling (Resource Ceiling) using both mathematical methods and heuristics. Project Execution and monitoring. Shortening Project Duration using time/Cost trade-off analysis (Project Expediting). Network cost control. Expenditure control loop and Project S-curve. Earned Value Management Concept- the BCWS, ACWP, BCWP, etc.